CLEMENCEAU: A Compilation of Print Media Coverage

CMS ENVIS is actively engaged with focused analysis of print media take on various contemporary issues. The Clemenceau, decommissioned in 1997 after three decades of service and bound for India to be stripped of its waste and sold as steel scrap, was boarded in a commando-style operation by two Greenpeace activists 12 days after it left the French port of Toulon on December 31, 2005. The ship was finally withdrawn under massive public protests. Clemenceau is the highly acclaimed compilation of print media coverage covering print media reporting on the sequence of the events. This publication evoked very good response and appreciation from users.

'CMS ENVIS Centre has done a commendable work by putting together all the debates and discussions surrounding Clemenceau in one publication.' Dr K.V Swaminathan, WITT

' We are glad to see the set of articles documented in publication form. It is certainly a worthy effort and can be extremely useful for research.' Shaguna Gahlote, INTACH

' I look forward to going through it with interest.' Abid Hussain, Former Ambassador of India to USA