Why this website?

  • To identify and put across the views, opinion and plans, strategies of various media, organizations/institutions in simplified formats.
  • To stress on the initiatives taken by the media to protect & conserve the environment in order to facilitate the process of creating environmental awareness in general.
  • To assess the role of media in evolving a suitable strategies for environmental sustainability.
  • To serve as a useful guide to policy and decision-makers, managers and those involved in implementation and operation.
  • To serve as a interface between users and CMS ENVIS Centre
What information is available on this website?
The whole site is divided into four Navigations viz. CMS ENVIS, Publications, Databases and Contact. Besides these there are other significant features such as ENVIS Network, Green Films, Research Studies, Environment Journalists. The links under each navigation can be understood easily and accessed. The site showcases all the activities, initiatives undertaken and the facilities available at the center. Besides these features, online newsletters & research reports can also be browsed.

What is ENVIS Centre Network?
Realizing the importance of environmental information and its dissemination, the Government of India, in December 1982, established an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) as a plan programme. The focus of ENVIS since inception has been on providing environmental information to decision-makers, policy planners, scientists, engineers and research workers all over the country. To this cause, a large number of nodes, known as ENVIS Centres, have been established in the network to cover the broad subject areas of environment, under a Focal Point in the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. For more information

What is CMS ENVIS Centre?
CMS ENVIS is a premiere centre designated by MOEF, Government of India to facilitate information dissemination and further the cause of environment awareness and sensitization. It is now an established resource center, co-coordinating body and a center for information dissemination on environmental communication, strategies and media related activities.

What we do at CMS ENVIS Centre?
The Centre acts as a Focal Point for Information related to
  • Media and Environment
  • Communication Strategies
  • Electronic Media Resources
For this purpose the Centre comes out with various print and online publications (such as newsletters, research studies, articles, media analysis) database and other resources. The center also facilitates networking with communication and environment experts, coordinate direct dialogue and interface and supports training programmes by providing resource material to other organizations.

What facilities are available at CMS ENVIS Centre?
  • Duplicating/lending documentaries to individuals, NGOs and Government Organizations, Institutes for Screening
  • Coordinating and organizing sensitization workshops.
  • Video Library with preview facilities
  • Availability of Stock footage to researchers, Institutes, Film makers, media houses etc.