The Centre has taken several initiatives to identify missing linkages and providing comprehensive information on happenings in media. The Centre has developed itself as a resource center and a co-ordinating body. In the short span, CMS ENVIS Centre has developed various databases. Also initiated innovative programmes to highlight environmental concerns in media. The centre has been indexing coverage of environmental issues from print media as well as electronic media and conducting research studies to bridge the information gaps.

Some of our activities are: .

  • Daily updates on environmental issues in print media the country
  • Analyzing trends in electronic media
  • Green Films
  • Green News
  • Communications Packages
  • Database of (Newspaper Library, Green Films, TV Channel and Advertising Agencies)
  • Publication Database ("Green Voice" Quarterly ENVIS Newsletter , Online Newsletter- Green Media books, magazines, articles, working papers, newsletters and online books)
  • Subject experts/Film makers/Environment journalists
  • Similar organizations
  • Internet Medium (Websites on various environmental issues)
  • List of TV channels/ Radio Stations/Newspapers
  • Medium for communicating environmental concerns
  • Views by experts
  • Issue based coverage and analysis in print media
  • Research studies

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Communication Package | Green Watch | Short Programmes | Directory | Coordinating Body