National & International Courses in Environmental Communication

This page lists links to descriptions or syllabi for post-secondary courses in environmental communication.

Undergraduate Courses

Albion College

Bruce Weaver:

SCT 311 - Environmental Communication


Brown University

Christina Zarcadoolas:

ES 125 - Environmental Communications


Central Connecticut State University

Ben Tyson:

COMM 495 - Strategic Environmental Communication


Colorado State University

Marilee Long, Garrett O'Keefe:

JT461 - Writing about Science, Health and Environment


NR400 - Public Relations in Natural Resources
NR401 - Techniques in Public Relations


Cornell University

Bruce Lewenstein:

COMM 466 - Public Communication of Science and Technology

Jim Shanahan:

COMM 421 - Communication and the Environment

Cliff Scherer:

COMM 486 - Risk Communication

George Mason University

Star Muir:

COMM 433 - Environmental Communication


Houston Baptist University

Marie Mater:

COMM 4292 - Environmental Communication (PDF)


James Madison University

Pete Bsumek:

SCOM 313 - Communication, Environment and Environmentalism


Loyola University

Bob Thomas:

CMMN A370 - Environmental Communications
CMMN A371 - Covering the Environmental Beat
CMMN A496 - Management and Communications of Environmental Relations


Metropolitan State University

Helen Correll:

Writing 575 - Environmental Communications (PDF)


North Dakota State University

Mark Meister:

SPCM/MCOM 320 - Environmental Communication Analysis


Northern Arizona University

Lea Parker:

COM 150 - Environmental Communication
JLS 440 - Environmental Research & Reporting
COM 250 - Environmental Perspectives on Communication Arts

Brant Short:

SC 365 - Communication & Contemporary Affairs (PDF)


Ohio State University

Richard Jurin:

NR 567 - Communicating Environmental and Natural Resources Information


Oregon State University

Gregg Walker:

COMM 412/512 - Environmental Conflict Resolution


San Josť State University

Dennis Jaehne:

COMM 146 - Communication and the Environment

Anne Marie Todd:

COMM 146 - Environmental Communication


St. John's University

Terry Check:

COMM 381 - Environmental Rhetoric

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

John Felleman:

CMN 440 - Environmental Visualization

Mark Meisner:

EST 245 - Nature and Popular Culture
CMN 393 - Environmental Discourse
CMN 340 - Electronic Information

Susan Senecah:

CMN 493 - Environmental Communication Workshop


Tufts University

Julian Agyeman:

UEP 294A - Environmental Communication and Education


University College of the Cariboo

Shawn Thompson:

JRL 315 - Media issues II: Scientific and Environmental Media Issues


University of Cincinnati

Steve Depoe:

COMM 467 - Environmental Communication | Homework Maste List | Final Exam


University of Idaho

Donny Roush:

ENVS 404 - Environmental Communications and Education


Univeristy of Montana

Steve Schwarze:

COMM 377/EVST 377 - Rhetoric, Nature and Environmentalism (PDF)
COMM 495 - Environmental Rhetoric (PDF)


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Adrian Ivakhiv:

Environmental Studies 272 - Environment, Communication, & Culture (PDF)


Utah State University

Jennifer Peeples:

Environmental Rhetoric


Graduate Courses

Colorado State University

Garrett O'Keefe, Michael Slater:

JT614 - Public Communication Campaigns

Garrett O'Keefe, Marilee Long:

JT662 - Communicating Science and Technology


NR501 - Leadership and Public Communications
NR600 - Advanced Public Relations in Natural Resources


Florida State University

Andrew Opel:

Com 6400-02 - Media, Culture and the Environment


Metropolitan State University

Helen Correll:

Writing 575 - Environmental Communications (PDF)

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Mark Meisner:

ENS 645 - Mass Media and Environmental Affairs

Susan Senecah:

ENS 608 - Environmental Conflict and Citizen Groups


Univeristy of Montana

Steve Schwarze:

COMM 595/EVST 595 - Environmental Rhetoric (PDF)


Postgraduate Diploma in Print, Television and On-line Journalism Postgraduate Diploma in Print, Television and On-line Journalism, IILM Film & Media SchoolIn collaboration with National Film And Television School

This Postgraduate Diploma is a one-year intensive vocational course for graduates in any


Dual Master's Degree Program in Earth and Envionmental Science Journalism