Swachh Survey over, sanitation & hygiene tossed in a grimy corner

The Times of India , Thursday, April 12, 2018
Correspondent : TNN
BHOPAL: Burning waste, smell of filth in the air and garbageflying all over have come to define Bhopal Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) “Swachh efforts”. As soon as the Swachh Bharat Mission survey ended, sanitation and hygiene is no longer a priority for the civic body.

Residents have taken to CM helpline to highlight the problem, but the civic body is yet to show an urgency in this regard. A dustbin near the GTB that was built ahead of the survey now doubles as a urinal. When it was being constructed, top officials from the civic body had assured the bin would lead to better garbage collection.

Lack of scientific planning can be found all over the city. The civic body spent crores on construction of waste collection point and toilets. Many of these spaces are now hardly noticed by the BMC and have made the situation worse. When contacted, BMC additional commissioner MP Singh did not comment.

“It is not just unplanned digging of pathways that is increasing air pollution levels. Soon after the Swachh Bharat mission survey was over, BMC garbage collection employees are missing. Even some of those engaged in road clean-up, burn collected waste causing air pollution,” said Suresh Patne, a business in New Market.

He complained about garbage being dumped alongside his residence and burned almost every day. “People cannot breathe. Condition of asthma patients has worsened. Complaints to the BMC, including its senior officials, have gone unnoticed and unattended,” he said.

The National Highway near Jinsi in one of main roads that connects Old Bhopal to New Bhopal. The cross over from old to new, say residents is where garbage is seen on the road. “The garbage spills over from waste dumping grounds and rolls over on the main road. Walking through the area is nearly impossible,” said Shabbir Khan, a local resident.

Residents in the vicinity are now faced with the challenge to avoid foul smell from the garbage dump.

SOURCE : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bhopal/swachh-survey-over-sanitation-hygiene-tossed-in-a-grimy-corner/articleshow/63724575.cms

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