The site serves, as a reminder for individuals/organizations to educate themselves, be an educator and as well as be a watch dog for electronic and print media. It focuses on the initiatives taken/or to be taken by print, electronic media and the government to come forward in providing help as well as necessary aid to bridge the knowledge gaps. The site collates environmental information relevant to media and environment at different level to contribute to the Environmental Resource Centre of the Secretariat set up at the Ministry.

Why this website?

  • To identify and put across the views, opinion and plans, strategies of various media, organizations/institutions in simplified formats. 
  • To stress on the initiatives taken by the media to protect & conserve the environment in order to facilitate the process of creating environmental awareness in general.
  • To assess the role of media in evolving a suitable strategy for environmental sustainability.
  • To serve as a useful guide to policy and decision-makers, managers and those involved in implementation and operation.

Data Gaps & Knowledge Gaps

  • Information on the types & numbers of institutions/organizations working in the field of media and environment.
  • Identity websites on environment & media.
  • Networking with TV channels.
  • Lack of collective information on audio-visual programmes on TV channels as well as on radio.
  • Lack of up-dated information about the new technologies.
  • Case studies/best practices/innovative programmes.

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