Govt unaware about number of glaciers in JK

The Northlines , Friday, February 17, 2017
Correspondent :
Srinagar, Feb 16 (KNS): Despite melting of glaciers at an alarming rate, which experts say could have serious fallout in the Valley, the government has been least bothered for their preservation with no preventive measures being taken to restrict them from further shrinking.

Although, experts have expressed serious concern over the melting of glaciers in the Valley especially the Thajwas and Kalohai glaciers, sources said the authorities have left them at the mercy of the God without taking any preventive measures.

The preservation of glaciers comes under the domain of Ecology and Environment Department.

“The melting of glaciers has become a serious issue for the last 15 years but government has failed to do any monitoring or conduct any research so that melting of glaciers could be stopped,” an official of Environment Department told KNS. “We are yet to know the number of glaciers present in the state since there are many untapped glaciers.”

Former Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had said there was a need for more scientific studies to conclusively establish the link between climate change and shrinking glaciers. “But government has taken no steps to conduct any research and know the reasons for receding of glaciers,” the official said.

However, he said some geologists like ShakilRamshoo have done surveys over melting of glaciers on their own level without any government assistance.

In his survey, Ramshoo has stated that Kashmir glaciers are shrinking due to rise in temperature.

He said the melting of Kashmir glaciers could have serious fallout as most Kashmiris rely on glaciers for water.

In the latest action plan on climatic changes of earth science department, it says the climate change cell mentions the annual temperature is projected to increase from 0.9 +/- 0.6 degree Celsius to 2.6 +/- 0.7degree Celsius by 2030.

It has recommended the government to ban the fuel driven vehicles in environment fragile places to restrict melting of glaciers. The action plan has called for the promotion of battery operated (charged from solar power) transport systems in places falling in the vicinity of the glaciers.

Sources said government has failed to take any measures in preserving glaciers which are melting at the fast rate. “Although glaciers come under the Ministry of Environment and Ecology but the department has done nothing for their preservation,” they said. (KNS)


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