Dead fish wash ashore

The New Indian Express , Thursday, September 15, 2016
Correspondent :
PARADIP: Thousands of fishes have been found dead in the 25 km stretch between Jatadhari river mouth and Siali beach in Jagatsinghpur district. Even as fishes are lying dead for the last five days along the Paradip, Erasama, Balikuda coasts, the authorities concerned are yet to take any action. The fish varieties are Kantia, Borei, Khanga and Pomfret, weighing between five to 10 kgs. President of Jagatsinghpur Fishermen Association, Jeevanlal Behera said if fish deaths continue, the daily catch of local fishermen will be affected. He sought a high-level probe to inquire into the case. nvironmentalists said climate change and rise in temperature could be the reasons behind fish deaths. Assistant Director of Fisheries (Marine), Biraja Mohapatra said intervention f the Odisha State Pollution Control Board has been sought. A similar problem was witnessed earlier this year in Paradip when dead fishes were found floating in river Balijhara in Paradip.

Thousands of dead fishes were found floating in river Kaudia after miscreants drilled a hole in an IOCL pipeline at Kaudia riverbed to steal fuel. Earlier, fishermen had alleged that oil spill from IOCL pipeline and discharge of effluents by other industries has led to heavy pollution of the water bodies. Pollution leads to shortage of oxygen in the water bodies, killing fishes, prawns and crabs. Officials of Odisha State Pollution Control Board had also ascertained that drop in the oxygen level in water bodies has led to death of fishes like Rohu, Mrigal and Catla.


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