Strict steps to curb poaching

Central Chronicle , Monday, August 08, 2005
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
Jabalpur, Aug 7 Looking at the rise in poaching activities in the State, the State Government has launched a special drive recently to curb such illegal activities.While forest officials have been instructed to keep strict vigil on hunters and smuggler active in forest areas. Under, this the forest department has been directed to take stern action against poachers.

It may be mentioned that poaching and smuggling for parts of wild animals has increased in the State during past few years. In this regard a special campaign has been launched against hunters and smugglers in the State recently. With the result several culprits were arrested under combined efforts of forest guards and Police. Besides, manhunt has been launched to trace other gang members.

The State Government has stated that efforts would be made to strengthen the tiger cell with the joint efforts of the forest department and police. Further, the anti-poaching squads will be deployed in the sensitive districts.

These squads have been formed in six laces including Sagar, Jabalpur, Satna , Seoni, Bhopal and Itarsi. Other steps were being taken to protect wildlife and to arrest the guilty. In order to enhance patrolling in the protected areas, 19 patrolling vehicles have been included in a group of 21 vehicles. Arraignments were being made for increasing the patrolling vehicles.

During the campaign against hunters, houses of suspected persons in Chhatarpur and Panna districts were also raided. The special squad recovered trapping equipment from these places. Under the drive, informer was selected in Anooppur forest division. A gang of Bavaria caste having connections with hunters and smugglers in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh was arrested recently near Katni railway station.

SOURCE : Central Chronicle, Monday, August 08, 2005

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