Sansarchand may be brought to Bhopal

Central Chronicle , Sunday, July 17, 2005
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
Bhopal, July 16 The Special Task Force (STF) team will bring Sansarchand to Bhopal. There are at least nine cases related to smuggling of wildlife parts registered against Sansarchand in the state. In one of the cases his wife is also an accused. The Special Task Force (STF) has registered four cases against him in the state.

Sansarchand used to smuggle wildlife hides and parts to Nepal via Gorakhpur. He used to travel in passenger buses, in which there is less risk of being caught compared to trains. According to sources there are several cases against him in Maharashtra under Wildlife Act.

After the Maharashtra police obtain him on remand, the STF team will also try to bring him on remand to Bhopal in connection with the cases registered against him in the state. The authorities are trying to collect concrete evidence against him and the senior officials have summoned his case files.

Sansarchand had been sentenced to 5 years' term in a case related to the poaching of tiger. After conviction he jumped the bail and started living in Delhi with his second wife after assuming a fictitious name.

SOURCE : Central Chronicle, Sunday, July 17, 2005

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