Bangalore Mirror , Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Correspondent : Chetan R,
The Naxal-infested wildlife division in Kudremukh, Western Ghats - one of the sensitive zones for the tiger population in state - is going the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve way. Soon, the area will get an additional camera trap cover to monitor the wildlife movement and curb the infamous poaching activities in that area. According to sources, the area will get 62 additional camera traps on the top of the existing 132 camera traps and will cover over 400 sq km forest - the entire sensitive zone of the wildlife sub-division that spreads around 1,380 sq km.

With each point covered by a pair of cameras, the setup of over 200 cameras will cover 100 points, the Kudremukh wildlife division brass told Bangalore Mirror. "In all, we will have over 200 camera traps covering over 400 sq km. Each point is identified in such a way that a pair of camera traps could monitor over four sq km each," Dr Ramesh Kumar P, DCF, Kudremukh wildlife subdivision told Bangalore Mirror.

Besides monitoring the wildlife, Dr Kumar said the move will also check poaching activities. "This will help monitoring the movement of wildlife besides checking poaching activities and unusual movements inside the restricted area," he added. In the latest case reported two months ago, the forest sleuths seized wildlife products of Sambhar in the wildlife subdivision.

* Nagarahole Tiger Reserve is first tiger reserve in the state to be fully covered by the camera traps with over 600 traps monitoring over 643 sq km area.

* The sensitive parts have been divided into grids with each covering 2kmX2km in the wildlife division. These cameras come with a 22-metre detection range, with 8 megapixel camera.


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