Nagaland observes World Environment Day

Business Standard , Saturday, June 06, 2015
Correspondent : Press Trust of India
People of Nagaland observed the World Environment Day today and pledged to champion the cause of greener and healthier environment.

The day was observed throughout the state by organising awareness campaigns on climate change and tree plantations and cleaning of surroundings towards healthy living.

The theme of WED was "Sustainable consumption and production" with the slogan "Seven Billion People, One planet, consume with care".


On the occasion, Nagaland Minister for Forest and Environment, Ecology and Wildlife, Neikiesalie Nicky Kire, in his message expressed concern over the change in climatic condition.

He called upon everyone to take the responsibility of planting at least one tree sapling within the compound of their houses.

He said that planting a tree only during WED was not enough, but one should plant a tree and be responsible in taking care of the tree throughout the life.

The minister called upon the people to celebrate WED by becoming more conscious of ecological impact while also thinking about the environmental consequences of the choices we make.

WED is observed on June 5 since 1973 to create global awareness about the importance of healthy and green environment in human lives.

Many of the earth ecosystems are nearing critical levels due to depletion or irresponsible change pushed by high population growth and economic development, Kohima district Project Office of Land Resources Department MenuosietuoTseikha said.


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