Now, plant a sapling through Ola mobile app

The Times of India , Friday, June 05, 2015
Correspondent : Somit Sen
MUMBAI: In a bid to encourage citizens to protect and nurture the environment, Ola, a mobile app based taxi service, has launched a nationwide campaign called - 'Plant a Sapling.'

The campaign will enable anyone from across the country to 'plant a sapling' using the Ola mobile app between the June 4 and 8, a spokesperson said. "For every sapling planted by a user, Ola shall plant an additional sapling.

All users who participate will also get a digital certificate mentioning the location of their sapling, which can help them identify their tree years later."

The initiative is in association with Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI), an organisation that has dedicatedly been working against climate change.

To plant a sapling, customers will have to go to the Ola Money section on the Ola app and choose the option for planting a sapling, officials stated.

The scheme has been launched in view of the World Environment day today.


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