Sansar Chand in police custody

Central Chronicle , Monday, July 18, 2005
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
Jaipur, July 17 Sansar Chand, India's most notorious wildlife criminal, was remanded to police custody in Jaipur till July 24.

He is the main accused in the recovery of over a 150 panther parts in Jaipur last October.

His wife, son and two others are already in the Jaipur jail in the same case.

Sansar, often called the Veerappan of north India, is wanted in over 30 cases of wildlife smuggling in six states.

And the police hope to get clinching evidence of his poaching racket by interrogating him.

"Sansar Chand is the biggest poacher. We want to find out his exact links with hunters here, who got him animal skins and where he sold them off. We want to question him on all these," said O P Gehrotra, IG, Jaipur.

A crucial evidence in this case is a diary recovered from Sansar's son, which reveals that this gang had poached 40 tigers and over 650 panthers and leopards in the past 3 years.

They had also smuggled animal skins of over 10 crores in the monsoon season last year.

"We will question him in detail about the diary and the entries about their trade which the diary contains. What are their links in buying and selling and all the entries they have made in code language," said Rajiv Sharma, SP, Jaipur.

Nearly 18 tigers went missing in Ranthambore, and during his custody the police plans to find out whether connivance of any forest officials helped the gang.

Sansar Chand has haunted the Rajasthan police for many, many months.

But with the poaching kingpin finally in their custody, the police in Jaipur are now hoping to get to the bottom of the poaching racket that has created the worst wildlife crisis, which the state has ever seen.

SOURCE : Central Chronicle, Monday, July 18, 2005

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