Shahdara green drive set to roll

The Times of India , Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Correspondent : Vandana Keelor
NOIDA: Noida Authority has decided to turn the area along the Shahdara drain into a green zone and will plant nearly 7,000 aromatic trees on both sides of the 4km stretch to mask the stink and toxic fumes emanating from the drain.

The Authority has invited consultants for the project and will finalize the bids on November 28. Officials said the plantation drive will start from sectors 14A and 15A located on one side of the drain and sectors 16A to 38A on the other. The appointed consultant will be responsible for the upkeep of the plantation for two years.

The move follows complaints of toxic fumes from the drain polluting the environment and damaging equipments in the Film City nearby.

"Nearly 7,000 aromatic plants inter-spaced by about 15,000 fragrant shrubs will be planted along the drain to mask the stink," said Om Veer, director of horticulture department of Noida. The project is estimated to cost Rs 3 crore and is expected to commence within two months.

The trees on the stretch will include Neem, Tulsi, Pine, Bakayan, Champa, Harsinghar, and Eucalyptus. "They will be planted in four rows and along the slopes of the drain for maximum effect," Veer said.


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