‘Save environment, save birds’ is the poll plank of this activist

The Times of India , Saturday, March 01, 2014
Correspondent : B B Nayak
THANE: Where politicians are campaigning using modified motor vehicles into chariots and rail engines, Nitin Deshpande, a city-based environmentalist has chosen to embrace cycles and an eco-friendly electric car for door-to-door campaign.

Deshpande has also been seen advocating about save bird as the mercury level is soaring to a new high every passing day. To spearhead his cause of concern for birds, he has made over 300 wooden nests. In order to create awareness, he is travelling an extra mile urging the people to show some compassion to the innocent birds through providing shelter, grain and water.

So far, he has distributed over 250 such nests in the housing societies and 50 more are yet to be given in the coming days. Deshpande is fighting this election under the banner of Dharmarajya Party. "During summer, birds are in dire need of shelter and water. We have taken this initiative to provide as many as nests and appeal to housing societies to do their bit," said a volunteer.

Promotion of cycling culture in the city has also been Deshpande's poll issue that will reduce air pollution with the increasing density of vehicular movement in the urban pocket. He has asked his followers to pedal their way for campaign. His eco-friendly electric car has been a big hit. His pollution free electric car has been given permission for poll drive by regional transport authority.

SOURCE : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thane/Save-environment-save-birds-is-the-poll-plank-of-this-activist/articleshow/33031582.cms .

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