Climate change: Making a difference

The New Indian Express , Friday, August 16, 2013
Correspondent :
The need of the hour is to take firm steps to mitigate the harsh and irreversible effects to tackle the phenomenon of climate change, according to Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri.

The Nobel Peace Laureate and chief of UN Climate Panel was in the city to deliver a keynote address at the inaugural function of the three-day Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN)India 2013.

He propogated a shift to an active, bio-economic component in his lecture. He said that India needed to have firm policies with regards to renewable energy and shift to patterns of sustainable development. He also said that the impact of mitigation would be reflected in the gross domestic product of any nation.

His strategies in development adaptation included increase in levels of income, education, awareness, access to renewable energy, better healthcare, disaster management and promotion of good governance.

“We are on the threshold of major change, so use your new knowledge and innovate steps to tackle the situation. The future of this planet is in your hands,” he told the gathering of high school students from eight nations, including 38 cities in India. Through an inspiring lecture, he enlightened the students on critical challenges the world is facing today on climate change and on the environment front.

He explained that the prime reason for the extensive damage in any natural disaster was the complete lack of an early warning system. He warned that disasters like Uttarakhand were going to rise in number unless steps were taken. He urged them to act and make a difference.

Among the other speakers at the inaugural session was Binalakshmi Nepram, founder, Control Arms Foundation, India. He is named in the top 100 most influential people in reducing armed violence.

The Harvard Model United Nations conference in India is co-hosted by Harvard International Relations Council, Harvard University, USA and MUNCafe, an experimental learning brand Worldview Education Services Pvt Ltd, India.

Over the next two days, these students would represent 190 countries in the model united nations and discuss, debate and negotiate issues pertaining to environment, trade, healthcare among other issues.


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