Ecological disaster

Kashmir Times , Sunday, August 25, 2013
Correspondent : Vinod Kumar

The recent floods in Uttarakhand coupled with the massive devastation may obviously be attributed to the effects in climate change as also the ruthless expansion of construction activities in an extreme sensitive and fragile region. According to preliminary reports of the Geological Survey of India, hydro projects such as Vishnuigad project in Alaknanda, barrage of Phat-Byung project and barrage and powerhouse area of Singoli-Bhatwari project in Mandakini Valley have been damaged.

As has emerged, the catastrophe shows how unplanned development created unprecedented havoc. The insatiable greed for monetary gains and haphazard constructions near the river banks and hills, widespread deforestation have disturbed patterns of weather. Besides, there have been incidences of blasting hills to accommodate hydel projects. In fact, all ecological and sustainable parameters have been breached over time.


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