Pitch in to save the planet

The Hindu , Sunday, August 25, 2013
Correspondent : Roli Mahajan
Climate change seems to be the buzz-word in the world we inhabit. Almost all natural disasters, rising temperatures and the transforming natural world are blamed on the phenomenon, “climate change”. If you are familiar with climate change, you will inevitably know about the annual negotiations that the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) facilitates. This meeting is also known as the UNFCCC conference of parties (COP).


However, knowing about UNFCCC COP is not as interesting as attending it and understanding the complexities of climate policy. So here are some opportunities, which could make your attendance at this meeting possible.

Adopt a Negotiator (AaN) Fellowships: These fellowships are awarded by The Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) and have been around for five years. All that is required of you is passion and dedication as well as blogging fingers. This is a highly competitive fellowship that pays for the fellow’s keep at the COP meeting but expects voluntary commitments beyond the meeting.

The eligibility criteria for applying is 18-30 years of age, good communication skills, understanding of the climate politics and willingness to adopt your country negotiator, almost literally.

Generally, the call for applications is made around two months before the UNFCC COP. Mr. Joshua R. Wiese, the project director of the AaN project says, “AaN Fellows will have an opportunity to help shape their government’s role in solving climate change.” A 2012 AaN fellow, Pujarini Sen says, “This is the best way to learn the landscape and meet some people who are passionate about the future of this planet.”

Download the applications for attending COP 19 in Warsaw as AaN fellows from the website: http://adoptanegotiator.org/20132014-fellowship-application/ The deadline is September 3.


The Government of Norway scholarships for youth from the global south: These scholarships have come into existence due to the efforts of the UNFCCC youth constituency, YOUNGO. The eligibility criteria as well as the availability of these scholarships depend on the discretion of the Government of Norway but for more than four COPs they have provided funding for 10 youth participants from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The announcement for these is often made a hair’s breadth from the actual meeting on the YOUNGO list-serve. The application process tries to explore how the selected participants would benefit from their presence at this important event. A tip from a previous fellow, Armin Khan, is, “think of a project that would benefit your community at large and try to connect your presence at COP with the project.”

She further adds, “Contributing to the youth constituency, YOUNGO definitely helps. It also helps in networking and meeting like-minded people who care about the environment. Volunteering helps.” So start connecting by joining the YOUNGO list-serve, which you can find here.

SOURCE : http://www.thehindu.com/features/education/pitch-in-to-save-the-planet/article5055442.ece

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