Pench tiger reserve celebrated global tiger day

The Economic Times , Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Correspondent : Chinmayi Shalya,
MUMBAI: The need to save tigers was highlighted by two tribal children at Pench tiger reserve. Last Monday, which was also the global tiger day, two children painted their faces with natural tiger colours and went about explaining the importance and need to save tigers around the tiger reserve.

A wildlife awareness rally was also organized by the Satpuda Foundation at the government primary and middle school at the Pench tiger reserve. More than 180 school students and staff participated in the rally which started from the school and went through the tribal villages in the area. Slogans like "Hum Sab Ne Ye Thana Hai, Tiger Ko Bachana Hai"(All of us have decided to save Tigers).

"Apna Farz Nibhayenge, Tiger Ko Bachayenge (we will complete our duty to protect the tigers), Apna Farz Nibhayenge, Pariyavaran Ko Bachayenge resounded through the villages as students moved educating villagers about the importance of saving the tiger.

Pench tiger reserve is one of the key reserves trying to preserve tigers in the sanctuary. The major threats to the tiger remains poaching which is happening around all key tiger reserves across the country.


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