Chilka Lake receives some 'rare' guests

The Pioneer , Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
With thousands of migratory birds arriving from different parts of the world, Chilka Lake in Bhubaneswar is again full of life. Rare species like the Peregrine Falcon, Spotbilled Pelican, Pallas fishing eagle and the Asian Dowwitch have also arrived here to add to the attraction.They are being accompanied by some common species like the Sandpiper, Wigeon, Shovelloe, Pintail Duck, Gadwall and the Common Pochard.

These migratory birds arrive here every year during the months of October and December from the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisp-here to escape the extreme cold conditions. They fly across thousands of kilometers from places like Siberia and Europe on their winter sojourn.

"I must say that it has been fantastic experience. Very nice place to be at. We have also been to Satpada. Here in Chilka Lake, we have seen some very beautiful migratory birds. The experience is exhilarating. I wish we could remain here for some more time," said Colonel Anupam Shukla, a visitor.

Chilka Wildlife Division steps to protect the birds from poaching, which has paid rich dividends."Very encouraging. In November itself, large number of birds came. Around 7.5 lakhs (750,000) birds have already come and some are still coming," said Abhimanyu Behara, District Forest Officer.

Chilka is the largest brackish water lagoon on the eastern coast and also the largest wintering ground for migratory waterfowl from all over the world.

SOURCE : The Pioneer, Tuesday, January 11, 2005

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