Tuskless elephant found dead in Corbett reserve

The Pioneer , Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Correspondent : PNS | Dehradun
Even as forest guards from all over the State descended in Dehradun to participate in demonstration, Corbett Tiger Reserve got its big shock when a tuskless elephant was found dead in Bijrani Range on Monday.

The minor elephant better known as Makna is the latest addition in the series of almost 8-9 casualties that State has witnessed this year. Corbett Tiger Reserve director Vinod Singhal said elephant might have died due to intra-group fight last night.

Singhal said Corbett officials got the news early in the morning and when a team of forest employees reached at the spot they found the elephant dead. Another source said although the death has apparently taken place due to infighting within tuskersí group but itís being probed from poaching aspect as well.

SOURCE : Tuesday, 18 November 2008

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