Alert sounded in Rajaji National Park

The Tribune , Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
Dehra Dun, December 28

With the wildlife in state’s national parks left vulnerable to poachers and free loggers for almost a month now, the forest authorities at Rajaji National Park have taken stringent measures to check poaching.

Even as the forest guards continue to be on strike, the park authorities have sought the services of daily wagers to protect the animals and trees in the forest.

The park employees on leave have been asked to report to duty immediately but in the meanwhile daily wagers who are usually pressed into service in February have been hired, said park Director G.S. Pandey.

The ongoing strike of nearly 2,500 forest guards is well into its fourth week, leaving the park vulnerable to poachers.Rajaji National Park houses hundreds of wild tuskers apart from other animals.

The forest guards have been on strike since the last week of November over three major demands, including fixation of category, promotions for all and their re designation from forest guards to forest beat officers.Even as two of the demands

SOURCE : The Tribune, Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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