Central Government approves project for wildlife

The Pioneer , Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Correspondent : Anupam Rana
Union Forest and Environment Ministry has approved project worth Rs 190 lakh to provide appropriate facilities to elephants, tigers and other endangered animals in Jharkhand.

Recently, the Ministry has approved proposal for maintenance of the Singhbhum Elephant Reserve, Palamau Tiger Project, Dalma Sanctuary and other sanctuaries in the State.

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Development) JB Jouhar said that the concerned Ministry would sanction fund for patrolling in sanctuaries, improving habitat of animals and digging up ponds.

Jouhar said that the State Government had submitted a proposal in connection with seeking funds related to elephant project, tiger project and development of sanctuaries at the concerned ministry in 2007.

"The Central Government had accepted proposal in connection with wildlifes and sanctuaries. The State will receive Central fund very shortly," he added.

Jouhar said that the territorial forest divisions were the local authority to protest the lives of endangered species. "The divisional forest officers will chalk out strategy and direct the rangers and forest guards to save endangered species from the encroachers." Jouhar said

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest(Wildlife) AK Singh, said that the proposal had been sent to the Centre in connection with the sanctuaries and reserve. "We are waiting for the release of fund to be used in current fiscal 2008-09." Singh said.

Singh said that the Ministry provides financial package to each State including Jharkhand for protection and preservation of fauna and flora respectively.

In the recent Tiger Census's report, which was released by the Central Government, the estimated population of tigers is decreasing across the country. In 1960, the country's first tiger census had reported around 1,800 population across the States. But its (tiger) estimated population has reduced to 3,642 tigers in 2002.

The population of tigers in Palamu Tiger Project is also reporting decreasing due to alleged poaching.

SOURCE : The Pioneer, Wednesday, 14 May 2008

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