Poachers kill another lion in Gir sanctuary

The Hindu , Sunday, April 15, 2007
Correspondent : Manas Dasgupta
Remains found at nearby Bhandariya village

3 arrested persons gave poaching information

Protest by nature lovers

AHMEDABAD: Even as the mystery behind the killing of six lions in the Babariya range in the Gir sanctuary here remains unsolved, one more animal has fallen victim to poachers.

Police and forest officials are tight-lipped over the latest casualty in the only abode of Asiatic lions. But Forest department sources said the remains of an adult lion were found at Bhandariya village near the Jain pilgrim centre Palitana, on the periphery of the sanctuary on Saturday morning. Unconfirmed reports, however, said the remains indicate that at least four lions were killed.

The sources said the information on poaching was received from three persons, earlier arrested from Bhavnagar. Some lion traps were recovered from them. They are said to have confessed to having poached four lions and informed the police of the location of the remains.

SOURCE : The Hindu, Sunday, April 15, 2007

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