`Climatic changes will affect coastal areas'

The Hindu , Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Correspondent : Staff Correspondent
`The Centre is formulating policies for promotion of renewable energy technologies'

PANAJI: The initial analysis of a study on likely climate changes to take place over the next few years in the country has revealed that they may lead to an increase in droughts and floods in different regions.

According to Union Minister of State for Environment Namo Narain, who gave a written reply to Shantaram Naik, the MP from Goa, in the Rajya Sabha last week, the study has covered key sectors such as water, agriculture, forestry, ecosystems, coastal zones, health, energy and infrastructure.

He said that the predicted climate changes indicated an increase in rainfall, temperatures and carbon dioxide levels, and a variable distribution of rainfall, which had indicated that crop cultivation in different regions would be affected. However, the Minister said, no definite trends had yet been established. According to the preliminary report, forests in the country seemed to be highly vulnerable to climatic changes. The coastal areas were also affected by climate changes in varying degrees, he said.

Mr. Narain said the Union Government had taken note of concerns regarding the likely effects of climate changes, and was formulating policies and programmes targeting areas such as conservation of rivers, improvement of the quality of air, enhanced forestation, promotion of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.

SOURCE : The Hindu, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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