Underlining ecological degradation

The Hindu , Friday, February 09, 2007
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
Two-day film festival opens in the Capital today

As the global environmental crisis continues to capture big space in the media, films are emerging as an important tool to highlight ecological degradation and rising sea levels on our planet. Now Toxics Link, Max Mueller Bhavan and Ecomove International have joined hands to bring some thought-provoking documentaries on the environment and struggles associated with it through a two-day film festival, "Ecomove: A series of environmental films'', opening at Max Mueller Bhavan in New Delhi on Friday.

These international and Indian films strongly underline the fact that global warming, climate change and natural disasters are rising alarmingly and need immediate attention. With its rapidly growing economy, India is facing both the opportunities and risks of globalisation. On the one hand, wealth is growing for some, while on the other social inequalities are worsening. To counter environmental abuse and consequent inequities, it is important to act locally while looking across borders to learn about common concerns and solutions.

The opening day of the festival will see a panel discussion on "Creativity versus agenda in the genre of environmental filmmaking". Well-known documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak will moderate the discussion.

The premiere of "100 per cent Cotton: Made in India" by Inge Altemeier will be another highlight of the festival. The film portrays the merchandise cotton from its growing and processing in India to its sale in the form of clothes in industrialised countries along with the grave consequences this involves for humankind and the environment. -- Madhur Tankha

-- Madhur Tankha

SOURCE : The Hindu, Friday, February 09, 2007

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