Task force report today

Hindustan Times , Friday, August 05, 2005
Correspondent : Staff Reporter
THE TIGER Task Force constituted to recommend ways to check the poaching of tigers will submit its report to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday.

Sunita Narain of the Centre for Science and Environment, who heads the task force, said: “The report is a detailed document on how to curb growing tiger poaching.” However there has been some dissent regarding some of the task force’s recommendations.

According to sources, a few of the recommendations are: a cess on local tourism income for upkeep of forests, a wildlife crime bureau on the lines of the Narcotics Control Bureau, the PM chairing the Project Tiger Steering Committee for the next couple of years, an for jungle-dwellers to be made part of management plans.

The report also recommends a short deadline for the government to relocate all those living inside tiger reserves. Those who remain behind must be granted all rights to the reserves, the draft says. To achieve this, the draft calls for s specific action plan within a year for every reserve.

The note of dissent is regarding the formation of the bureau, which experts say is necessary but the size recommended by the task force is not required. “The bureau can be small as it will have to work with the local police to curb poaching,” an expert said.

SOURCE : Hindustan Times, Friday, August 05, 2006

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