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Monday, February 27, 2012
Garbage Outside Temple Polluting Environment
Correspondent :
Garbage dumped in the open near a popular temple on Mussoorie Road has not only damaged the local environment but is also encouraging monkeys to settle in this area. Pollution caused by the dumping of garbage in the open in an ecologically sensitive area is not only posing threat to the wildlife but also creating inconvenience to humans who have to face the disadvantages of having simians around human settlements.

The Animal Welfare Board of India co-opted member and People for Animals, Uttarakhand member secretary Gauri Maulekhi has written a letter to the member secretary of Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board Jairaj and Dehradun District Magistrate Dilip Jawalkar complaining about the problems being caused by such improper dumping of garbage.

During her recent visit to the Shiv Ranta Kendra Temple on Mussoorie Road, she found that huge pile of garbage is being dumped down the hill in the open by the temple management and neighbouring commercial enterprises on a daily basis. The garbage which consists mostly of plastic articles and food items gets spoiled and rotten which eventually attracts macaques who have become residents of the locality. The plastic waste is burnt periodically against regulations, which spreads toxics in the area which supports a variety of wild animals and birds.

According to Maulekhi, dumping garbage in the open in this ecologically sensitive area is causing damage to the environment and wildlife. The food items in the trash attract monkeys which have become dependent on this dump for food. This in turn has increased the chances of conflict between humans and monkeys in addition to which many of the simians often sustain injuries in road accidents.

Stressing that improper garbage dumping is one of the major reasons for increased monkey menace in some areas, Maulekhi has demanded that the temple authorities be ordered to clean the place and dump the garbage properly.

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